That old familiar bite.

Where does time go? Honestly, it feels like only last weekend my wife and I were on vacation. Yet, it was now over three weeks ago. And while we had a blast, we had some moments of consternation too. She had insisted we go away so we both could recharge. And truthfully, her insistence paid
A cave near High Falls

A fresh start, a new term, and revived outlook as we all emerge from our caves again.

Time has flown by me once again. I feel like I am emerging from a cave once again. It seemed like only yesterday my wife, and I were married, and I last wrote about it here. We are now in a new school year and in person for the first time in over two years.

My Meanderings: A New Chapter Begins

A long journey of healing I can remember clearly one of the early meetings with my doctor about healing myself. I knew I needed to change-thus the doc. I was tired of being tired. I so exhausted by all the things I had worked so long and so hard to keep buried—all in the hopes
Credit: Christopher Ryan

An intersection of Holidays…which do I celebrate?

Intersecting Holidays So, today was a mixture of holidays and recognition. In Canada, it was Canadian Thanksgiving. In short, a long weekend–nothing seemed to be open. Or having learned my lesson over the last two years–I made sure I went grocery shopping on Sunday. In the US it was

Orange Shirt Day, Family, and Owning the Past Collectively.

Teaching about Indian Residential Schools and Survivors. Teaching, ruminating, and thinking of the original 215 children found at Kamloops earlier this year is hard. I have taught for years about Indian Residential Schools (in Canada) or Indian Boarding Schools (in the US). It is a core part of

A week back, I love it, and I am exhausted.

Yep, it’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situationI had a crazy dream when I returned from serving in the Army to become a college professor. Back then, I so innocently thought it was show up teach for about nine to twelve hours week, collect a full-time salary, and go home.
Anti-Mask Rally TO 03 Sept 2021 KJW

“Our Rights,” versus your responsibilities in a global pandemic.

  There is a lot swirling in my head today. I am a week away from classes starting and I am still busily prepping away—I am sure making some folks nervous. Today, also marks the day my dad passed thirty-four years ago. We are still amid a pandemic a year and half later. And today

Fall beckons, school starts still in a pandemic, and I will try again.

It has been a very long since I last wrote here on the Meandering Mohawk space for my creativity and an outlet of some sort for my thinking. In reality, 1BigWebDesign has done another overhaul on this site, dealing with a rather particular and moody chap—me. But, as usually, Zak at 1 Big Web Design

A long slow goodbye to my dog

A slow goodbye to my dog. Date: 07 April 2020 Category: Meandering Thoughts and Ponderings. Caring for Dogs Over the last twenty-four years of my life I have cared for dogs. In that span, I have had six dogs that moved with me from Rochester to Buffalo, Buffalo to Oswego, and finally from Oswego to

Six months and transitions

My last entry was in Aotearoa (New Zealand). I had been fascinated by the ability to end one job and start another job in the span for a few hours they overlapped. My hope had been that once I settled in Toronto a few weeks later I’d start writing more. And in some ways, I

In Aotearoa pondering transitions and time

Reflections of Time Passing By (Fast!!) Reflecting on the fact that my last three entries on this blog were October, June, and May of 2018—I have been lax in writing for this site. It feels like just week, maybe a couple of months ago I wrote those—but the earliest one is now a year old.

Driving Down Memory Lane

I’ve been driving a lot lately. I have had the privilege and workload that has caused me to traverse the state of New York the last three weeks. I have been to Salamanca, Albany, and Buffalo in the span of three weeks. I have given several public presentations of my work—and attended to