Meandering Mohawk 2.0; again.

May 11, 2017

I am writing this a bit early, and while still on my Fulbright in Canada. My course at Brock took a lot of energy, and was both interesting and a bit of an adjustment on my end. The learning curve was more pronounced than I anticipated. The students were interesting, engaging, and we all hopefully walked away with lessons learnt—I know I did.

Amid my time up here my blog site was once again hacked. Thus, the site has been being rebuilt by Big1WebDesign—who is top notch. I have been using a low-end, discounted hosting service who bills itself as reliable, easy to use, and fun.

You receive what you’re willing to pay for:

You know the hosting company—they do a lot of sexy Superbowl ads, usually with neon green colors.

But while it is seemingly reasonably priced, they merely host at a discounted rate. They don’t care about service, or security—unless you pay for the upgrade. But they only offer the upgrade after you’ve been hacked, not before. And in my case, this is the second time I’ve been hacked and had to burn down the site to rebuild.

This time they said it was the inherent vulnerabilities in Word Press that was at fault. That sounded a lot like what they said last time too. But like my web go-to guy Zak said, “You get what you pay for.” So, I shall meander on over to a new hosting site—as this post demonstrates.

As I adjust to the new layout, and the new site, I hope to be more productive writing wise. Of course, I have said this before too. But changes are afoot in my life I could not have envisioned before now. I have grown in ways I had not expected too, while away from home. I have done some soul searching and realized some changes simply must happen in my life.

I have painfully realized some parts of my life in Oswego is no longer good enough for me. There is an Indian meme floating around social media that says, “I no longer accepting the things I cannot change; I am changing the things I can accept no longer.”  This must become my mantra now.

So, it shall be. And just maybe it is time to become the Meandering Mohawk in earnest. And a huge debt of gratitude is owed for the new design & salvage of the Meandering Mohawk site to Zak at 1 Big Web Design.

What are you willing to change in your journey in this life?

Kevin J. White
Toronto, CA